1984-1986 Plymouth Conquest 7×6 H6052/H6054 Semi-Sealed Beam Black Diamond Blue LED Projector Headlights

Price: $54.99

This is a pair of H6014/H6052/H6054 Black 7×6 LED ring projector headlights Conversion with glass lens. These headlights are also generally known as 7×6 LED Ring Projector Headlights that are suitable for any application utilizing the H6014/H6052/H6054 glass lens sealed beam headlights.

Instead of the conventional sealed beam headlights, these H6014/H6052/H6054 Headlights use H4 light bulbs which are easily replaceable should the light bulbs fail, so you do not need to replace the whole headlight assembly every time the light bulbs fail. You can replace the stock light bulbs with a set of bright HID conversion kit.


  • Universal Fit for all H6014/H6052/H6054 applications.
  • Package DOES NOT include light bulbs. You will need a pair of H4 light bulbs or H4 HID kit to complete the installation.
  • Plug and play installation

Although this kit is plug and play, professional installation is required.

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