Driving Light Upgrade and Testing: PIAA RF6 and LP530 Series Lights

The OEM headlamps on our 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 (Gen 3) truck has a subdued and diffused light pattern. A dome cap in the factory headlights produce a dimmed and ineffective dull light. Despite marginal night visibility, the scattered light often confuses oncoming drivers who assume that the high beams are operating in both high and low mode.

For remedying this day one problem, we turned to PIAA Reflector Facing Technology and the RF6 LED white driving lights. Our installation also includes the newest LP530 Yellow Driving/Fog lamps. After installation and during real world road testing, we discovered the full impact of these low amperage draw LED lamps. Fasten your seat belt and come along for the ride. See why this upgrade option works!

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