Inherited Everything For a HP 440 Build

Long story short…dad passed June last year…I have a ton of parts collected through the years, but he recently he started buying a bunch of NIB 440 parts like billet rods and forged pistons. I think I saw some high flow intakes and carbs.

The iffy items are block and heads. Machine shop said if they’re rusted, they don’t even want to touch them. Sitting bare for 30 years, yeah they’re rusted. Even finding a beat block that’s assembled and not rusted is a couple grand.

Pricing: $7k estimate overall. If the block is too far gone: +$1000 to sleeve. I didn’t even bring up heads, ideas and recommendations on new from everyone if you’re feeling nice.

Goals: sleeper pickup build. I need the utility of the pickup, but it’s only weekend runs to Lowes so mileage isn’t a concern. I want a beat up truck with a mean drivetrain. Engine ~600HP. It would be fun to buy some slicks and take it to the track. Norwalk (OH) is about an hour away.

Edit: pics of the block.

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