Pantera line up at Concorso Italiano PowerBrake Tv

Pantera line up at Concorso Italiano PowerBrake Tv

Bob and Matt visit the Concorso Italiano show at Laguna Seca Ranch. The video is available at, and The show is one of the bigger ones in Monterey Race Week, and has some of the best cars on display. There is everything Italian there; Ferrari, Maserati, old Fiat, Fiat 500’s, Alfa Romeo, Pininfarina bodied Cadillac, the rare Bizzarrini, Pantera, Lamborghini, Ferrari Daytona, Ferrari 308, Ferrari Dino, and even a Vector. There is also an appearance by Valentino Balboni, the famous Lamborghini test driver.

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We have worked on everything from propane powered trams to roller coasters, cranes, parade floats, multi engine street rods, classic european cars, double decker buses, and a Freightliner racing truck. Our favorite is working on big engine muscle cars that make too little vacuum and need more stopping power.

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