Plymouth AAR Cuda 3

Plymouth AAR Cuda 3

The Plymouth AAR Cuda was a special veration of the Plmouth Barracuda, and was only produced in March & April 1970, in this time there were 2,724 produced, making it a rarer site on the road then a Lamborghini Diablo, have you ever seen one of those?
The AAR cuda was built to race against the Mustang in the SCAA series, AAR stands for All American Racers, and believe me there is nothing more American than this!
The major differences between the AAR and the standard Cuda are, the hood scoop, engine, exhaust pipes, front and rear spoilers, and a massive amount of weight lost.
Even though the AAR’s engine produces 135 less BHP, the hood scoop is funtional (unlike the standard one) the car is lighter weight, and is more aerodynamic, which makes it faster.

The AAR cuda is my favorite version of the Cuda, and I hope I did a good job on it, as this is my most complicated build to date, however, strangly it wasn’t my hardest to build, it was a lot of fun to build this and I plan to build it soon in real bricks!
The 775 peices that take to build this features fully detailed interior, exterior, engine, opening doors, trunk and hood, and when in real bricks glow in the dark headlights (ordered a bunch when I was getting the last parts for my 71 cuda).
It is put to an exact 1:20 scale, has a color shceme of black and lime green, with a Mopar orange engine, and I hope you like it as much (or more) as I do!

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