RAM Trucks “Guts & Glory: Letterpress”

Design and Live Action Direction for The Richards Group’s gritty “Guts & Glory: Letterpress” commercial.

The spot, part of the on air “Guts. Glory. Ram” campaign for Dodge Ram features the voice of Sam Elliot and was filmed on location at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA.

Production company: Prologue Films
Design Director: Simon Clowes
Producers: Ian Dawson, Lee Buckley
Editor: Gabriel Diaz
Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper

Live Action: Prologue Films
Director: Simon Clowes
Line Producer: Brian Hall
Director of Photography: Warren Hansen
Production Designer: Jahmin Assa

Agency: The Richards Group
Creative Directors: Rob Baker, Jimmy Bonner, Chad Berry
Director of Broadcast Production: Greg Gibson
Senior Art Director: Mile La Tour

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Viewed: 5469


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