Rancho Ford February AD

Rancho Ford February AD

Proud supporters of our U.S. Troops!

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The US Military is the BEST military in the whole world. Salute to Heroes Newspaper, is a military newspaper serving San Diego. We present this short video as a thank you to all that have served. Our military, especially in San Diego, is one of the best military communities in the entire world. Salute to Heroes Newspaper supports all military branches, and provides sponsors to host events that benefit all branches of the military. Salute to Heroes Newspaper, a military newspaper, showcases a military member from each branch of service, every month, along with community leaders that take pride in supporting the military. We can never do enough to show our true appreciation of the military. Salute to Heroes Newspaper…By the military, to the military, for the military! Salute to Heroes Newspaper, a military newspaper including all military news, US Navy news, Us Marine Corps News, US Air Force News, US Army news, US Coast Guard News, we handle all of the news for every branch. San Diego military news, through Salute to Heroes Newspaper, a military newspaper, is so vital to keep the troops morale up. Newspapers in San Diego are a great way to reach the masses of military within the community! www.salutetoheroesnewspaper.com

We offer targeted direct marketing for all of our sponsors to support the military. We offer direct mail pieces for advertising our sponsors, at a savings over your current vendor of at least 15%. We are the best value in advertising in the whole market. We advertise and drive customers through your door. www.salutetoheroesnewspaper.com, a military newspaper in San Diego, supporting every aspect of the military!

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