Rick Stubbs, Service Director at Avondale Dodge talks about their experience with Text2Drive

Rick Stubbs explains how TEXT2DRIVE has greatly improved the efficiency of his Service Department while increasing monthly warranty revenue.

Visit our website to learn more about TEXT2DRIVE: https://text2drive.com/

Hi, I’m Rick Stubbs, Service Director at Larry Miller Dodge Ram in Avondale. I’ve been asked to take just a few minutes and tell you about TEXT2DRIVE and what it’s done for our Service Department. Now you may have already heard about TEXT2DRIVE but you may not know all about TEXT2DRIVE. So I encourage you to to look out for your your TEXT2DRIVE representative, contact them and learn a little bit more about it as we did. Now the ability to send out recall notifications has netted us about an additional $48,000 a month in warranty revenue. Our ability to send out Service appointment reminders has dramatically reduced the amount of no-show appointments that we’ve got, and we’re currently rolling out videos that we can actually have the technicians take and send to the customer to show them actually what’s wrong with the vehicle. So if you have any questions about TEXT2DRIVE you can either contact myself, I’ll be happy to tell you what we’ve done and what it’s done for us. My direct number is 623-478-3653.

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