Roseville Fire Department Chief’s Staff Life-Saving Award

Two local car dealership employees were honored for their life saving actions when they jumped a fence and pulled a semi-truck driver to safety from his burning truck. The driver had lost control of the truck and it swerved and hit the pole of a road sign near County Road C. Deno Yannarelli, from Roseville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, and James Moosaie from Roseville Buick, rushed to help. Yannarelli, who was working at the auto dealership, heard the crash and saw the flames. He jumped the fence, picked up the driver and started dragging him away from the truck with the help of Moosaie, who had followed after him. They carried the driver to safety, laid him in the back of a pickup and Yannarelli placed his shirt on the man’s back. They soaked the shirt with water to help cool his burned skin until the ambulance arrived. On Tuesday, July 7th, the Roseville Fire Department presented Yannarelli and Moosaie with awards of recognition for their bravery at the city’s fire station.

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