Sand Hollow Jeepin’

Took the Sony F55 through its paces with a set of Fujinon Cabrio zooms. We had the Cabrio 19-90mm and the Cabrio 85-300mm. Love the Fujinons. Super sharp. Great contrast and very light weight. Wonderful for hand held use or locking down on sticks. The clarity and resolution hold up in 2K and 4K equally well. Additionally, they intercut really well with our Zeiss CP2 lenses. Not that it has any mind-blowing relevance, but in case you were wondering…they really do. Any softness in the footage is operator error (still getting use to the focus ring) and not a fault of the lenses or camera.

I recorded most of the footage directly to Sony’s AXS drive at 4K RAW 60 fps, or 2K RAW at 240 fps. I was a bit trepidatious regarding RAW post, but it wasn’t bad. I converted everything to ProRes 422 HQ through the Sony RAW Clip Viewer (which was actually quite intuitive and user friendly. I exported everything out as a flat S-Log 2 with S-Gamut color and applied Filmconvert’s look to the footage in Premiere CC. It graded quite nicely.

As noted by others, there is a bit of moire and aliasing in the 2K footage around the finer lines in the sand, etc. However, it’ s pretty minuscule, and since Sony can supply an aliasing filter if needed, I don’t really think it’s an issue. The 4K footage is astonishing. I mean, I wasn’t exactly buying the hype. However, after editing with the footage, it’s really something special. So much detail, so much room for manipulation. Awesome.

This footage is for demo purposes only and is in no way intended for profit of any kind or commercial use.

The song is “Black Sheep” by Gin Wigmore

Special thanks to:
Bryce Thompson and his clan of Dixie 4-Wheel Drive maniacs,
Steve Gibby for bringing in the Fujinons for testing and making that possible.
Mike Bollinger at TV Specialists for hooking us up with the Sony F55.

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