Olliepop Films presents ‘SLEDLAND – A Day ‘Out There’ in Whistler BC’

With three amazing riders : Ryan Tiene, Iikka Backstrom and Dustin Craven.
And they didn’t want to just hit one jump, nor two but THREE jumps in one day!

We had to dodge a bit of weather as the clouds threatened all day but in the end it was an amazing day with the guys stomping some super clean tricks off of three step-down jumps.

Some footage has already been seen in Snowboarder Magazine’s “Get Outta Town Project” Episode 3 – Whistler (seriously go and watch that if you haven’t) in the mean time this is all the footage we captured that day in what was our last day sledding for the season having wrapped up filming for Olliepop series “When In Whistler” presented by Boardworld.

Track : “The Wonder Begins” by Getaway Car from the album Maps

Music provided by Mevio @ Music Alley

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